Our Mission Statement

One of our core beliefs is that while we want to concentrate on the estate and financial needs of our clients as a whole, we also must concentrate highly on long-lasting, meaningful relationships.  In our opinion, it is only through this combination that financial peace of mind can be reached.  In this way and many others, we believe we are unique in the way we look, the way we act, the way we sound and the way we feel to all of our clients. 

Brent  Marshall's primary goal is to continually protect his client's assets while improving their financial position.  These goals are accomplished through a blend of financial services that are tailored to each person's specific financial needs.  Retirement and legacy planning can help individuals reduce their financial risk, potentially save tax dollars, protect assets from long term care costs, minimize probate and provide a path to help attain financial peace of mind in retirement.

Brent provides retirement strategies to the challenges faced by individual investors who desire to protect and shield their assets and ensure they do not outlive their financial resources.

We invite you to ask questions and learn about our services.  We hope you'll take the first steps to finding out how we can work for you.